Why 9,000+ natural therapists in 26 different countries trust us to save on insurance costs, cut down on paperwork and grow their natural therapy businesses…


 If you’re anything like me, you started your practice to help people - not to spend hours every day worrying about associations and insurance. But the reality is that as your business grows, you eventually reach a point when professional affiliation and insurance are a necessary step.

For a long time, the only option available to therapists were traditional associations.

Unfortunately, many of these old-fashioned associations started before the explosion in popularity of natural health therapies. So they often only represent one particular modality. That means therapists who practice multiple modalities had to join several associations, which is very costly and time-consuming.


The International Institute of Complementary
Therapists Solves This Problem


My name is Lawrence Ellyard. I’m the founder of The International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) - an independent organisation with more than 9,000 members world-wide. I started the IICT in 2002 to represent therapists who practiced multiple therapies, but did not necessarily require professional affiliation with associations for each one.

At first, we recognised 120 natural therapy modalities. However, as our membership grew over the years this list has expanded. Now we cover more than 1,200 therapies - the largest modality list in the world.

And we actively assist you in the approval process if your modality is not already covered.

Today, members praise IICT as the association alternative for the natural therapy industry. No matter how many modalities you do, you can cover everything under one membership and one insurance.


How IICT works


Apply for Professional Membership with IICT


IICT verifies your qualifications and approves your membership


Once approved, you qualify for members discounted insurance with Bms Insurance Brokers

Watch this short video on how to join IICT and get insurance


Why 9,000+ Members in 26 Countries World-Wide choose IICT

    • All your modalities covered under one membership
    • No Continued Professional Development (CPD) requirements
    • International and online qualifications accepted
    • Discounts off further education and training
    • World-wide Practitioner Insurance cover
    • 300% triple your money back guarantee
    • Discount Specialist Insurance packages
    • Free marketing and
      business audits
    • Members resources and marketing tools


 300% 'Every Therapist Covered’ Guarantee*

Get IICT Membership and Insurance Cover Within 120 Days of Joining or We'll Triple Your Money Back.
No Risk, No Questions Asked!

How our 'Every Therapist Covered' Guarantee Works...



Watch how IICT helped these members


Here are some benefits of joining IICT

    • Enjoy peace of mind with comprehensive insurance cover

      IICT has teamed up with Australia's largest insurance broker to tailor an exclusive discounted policy that covers all your modalities.

    • Save money with training and education discounts

      As an IICT member, you get up to 10% off the cost of courses with affiliated schools and colleges.

    • Denote your Professional Affiliation with IICT

      All members can utilise our professional membership seals to denote their professional affiliation and add greater credibility by using our seals on their promotional materials on and offline.

    • Attract more clients through the IICT Practitioner Directory

      When you join IICT, you can list your business in the popular search-engine optimised IICT Practitioner Directory

    • Build your business with proven marketing systems and techniques

      Our members can receive in-depth advice and strategies from some of Australia’s leading business growth experts.

    • Boost your credibility by becoming an IICT approved provider

      When you join IICT, you can apply to become an approved provider. This allows you to add our seal to your site and improve your authority within the industry.

    • Save on service providers

      IICT has secured discounts of up to 25% for our members with leading website designers, customer-relationship software providers, and marketing experts.

    • Earn extra income by referring students and colleagues to us

      IICT rebates back to members $10.00 for everyone who joins IICT by way of referral.

    • Get new modalities approved quickly

      As an IICT member, our team will guide you through the process to get new modalities approved so you can access insurance and other IICT benefits.

How IICT helped these members 

Mark Anthony

“Before joining IICT it was challenging to find a reputable insurer for my business. Joining IICT enabled me to obtain reasonably priced insurance and the process was easy and efficient.”
- Mark Anthony - IICT Member

Natalie Southgate

“I highly recommend IICT to any practitioner who is looking for the best professional membership; business support and insurance for their natural therapy practice.”
- Natalie Southgate - IICT Member

“I highly recommend IICT to any practitioner who is looking for the best professional membership; business support and insurance for their natural therapy practice.”
- Martina - IICT Member

Your internationally recognised qualification with IICT

full membership certificate IICT Membership not only provides you with affiliation with our internationally recognised professional body, it gives you access to our huge network of allied health professionals in 26 countries. We have memberships to suit every therapy and therapist. From Students in training to fully qualified professionals and many more...

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IICT’s Full membership includes:

•  Professional membership for your business

•  Over 1,300+ professional modalities covered - the largest in the world

•  Save on your insurance with our discounted members rate

•  Our 300% ‘Every Therapist Covered’ triple your money back guarantee, if you change your mind

•  Join an international community of over 9,000+ like-minded professionals

•  Access to discounts on affiliated training provider workshops

•  Free 12 month practitioner directory listing to help promote your business (normally $59.00)

•  Free access to applying for a new modality request (normally $399.00)


Still not sure?


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